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Sep 14, 2011 9:00pm CDT
's memorial earlier this evening and disbelief 14 year- old brian deleon in a coma. police searched for the attacker. 14 year old brian deleon clinging to life tonight after being severely beaten last night just two blocks from home in the 2900 block of west bloomingdale. stepbrother tells us jumped by gang bangers and beaten in the had a beating cell savage left a silver dollar sized hole in the teenager said. 14 year-old phoenix military academy student just talked to his gulf front after a night of studying or around 9:20 p.m. attacked near the playground at matrice school brian deleon the telephone with girlfriend minutes after the attack occurred a loud commotion and then the telephone went dead concerned went after him found brian deleon laying unresponsive in a pool of blood. surveillance video captured what appears to be several people running towards the scene of the attack around 930 pm. brian deleon girlfriend too upset to speak about the night her father had this to say about the well mannered teenager: i allowed him into my house a good kid respectable sad that this had
Sep 21, 2011 12:00pm CDT
ody needs. citracal. julian crews has more on how esteban miranda @ texted brian deleon and logan square >>he goes before a cook county judge ... it was his fellow gang members who implicated him ... he is a 19 year-old charged with attempted first-degree murder and armed robbery for allegedly beating and anise and 14 year- old with a baseball bat the victim brian deleon suffered grave injuries as a result of the speeding the gang members realize that brian deleon had no gang affiliations and they tried to stop the attack but there was no stopping esteban moiranda ... witnesses say that he left the boy for dad ... >>the alderman and police met with concerned residents here in logan square trying to curb this gang violence in the area ... >>we can't go out everything is gang violence or drug dealers ... >>we have parents that are very concerned with children walking to school here every day they want to know what type of things can we do as a community to make the schools and the path of their stay safe for her ... >>5 people are under arrest in charges of robbing and killing
Sep 21, 2011 9:00pm CDT
hospital >> brian deleon has been in a coma for eight full days family says not optimistic he is going to pull through the good news the alleged attacker formally charged. 19 year-old esteban miranda called a danger to society by the judge held without bail on charges of attempted murder and robbery. last tuesday night prosecutors say he and three other gang members of driving around chicago logan square neighborhood looking for a rival gang members to beat up brian deleon 14 year-old walking from his girlfriend's house west bloomingdale avenue esteban miranda jumped out of a vehicle with a metal baseball bat police called it a case of mistaken identity other three gang members yelled at esteban miranda boy and not in a dank but esteban miranda did not listen started to beat him with a bat. left the boy lying on the ground esteban miranda told his cell phone and called the boy's girlfriend with the telephone and they concur 8 voicemail celebrating in the beating. investigators have the voice mail saved. prosecutors said esteban miranda are dead by fellow gang members after today's he
Sep 14, 2011 12:00pm CDT
family says that there is little else they can do besides pray. >>he was a good boy ... >>brian deleon was a military academy student and he was found unconscious on the sidewalk near west bloomingdale when he was spotted by his girlfriend at 920 last night the wounds on his head were so severe police had thought initially was shot. >>didn't find any bullets so we think maybe he was hit with a bat ... >>the boys spent the evening studying with his girlfriend and was walking home from her house speaking with her on the cellphone when she heard a commotion in the line went dead unfortunately there were no witnesses to the attacker and the surveillance cameras on the block police say that the boy is not gang affiliated but the area is known for some gang activity ... >>their kids that hang around here that look like they have gang activity and drug activity it's not much but they do have some here and there is some going on ... >>the teenager recently graduated from case elementary school and he recently went to visit his principle earlier this week ... >>it's unconscionable what hap
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4